True Love Story Laced with Intrigue

Playbill/Actors Bios



The male lead was played by Dr. Wendell V. Fountain as Dalton Constantine McQuaide a divorced business consultant who lives and works in St. Augustine.  Fountain in real-life is an author, business consultant, credit union strategist, and former graduate professor for a number of universities.  He established Fountain & Associates—business and management consultants in 1984.  He received his undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of North Florida, a master’s degree in human resources management from Pepperdine University, and his doctorate in business administration (D.B.A.) from Nova Southeastern University.  After earning his doctorate, he completed post-doctoral studies at Harvard Business School, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, and The Wharton School.  He has been an active member of the Academy of Management since 1982.  He served on the Board of Directors of VyStar Credit Union headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida from 1982-2007.  A comprehensive biographical sketch of him is available at  He also may be contacted via e-mail at or by telephone at (702) 535-4985.


Tecla Dal Degan-Kindschi played the female lead as Sophia Modigliani who returned to Italy after the breakup of Dalton’s marriage.  She is a beautiful and sensuous woman of Italian descent.  She was born in Verona, Italy and grew up in Vicenza, Italy not far from Venice.  Today she resides in Melbourne, Florida where she has a successful modeling career in full bloom.  Her four-year old daughter, Kenya, also acted in the film as Grazia, and her husband Justin Kindschi was an extra in the movie.  Justin is originally from Oklahoma.  He recently returned from Iraq and is now a disabled veteran of that war where he served valiantly.  As an aside, the book and script called for an attractive Italian woman and a four-year old little girl.  As with most things which fell into place in this movie, Tecla was the mother of a little girl, Kenya, of that same age.  The chemistry between the lead actors was very special.  Fountain said he felt as though he had known Tecla all of his life, and she responded in kind. Tecla may be reached at (321) 914-7243 or (321) 987-4250.


Bios of Primary Supporting Cast


Albert (Al) Aldrich played the role of Justin Ambrose who was the close friend of the lead character Dalton McQuaide.  Justin was a retired successful real estate developer who became Dalton’s drinking buddy and confidant in the film.  In the real-world, Fountain and Aldrich worked together as technical writers for the United States Navy at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station in the mid-1970s, and they have remained close friends ever since.  Al is now retired from DOD and, along with his wife Karen, who was an extra in the film, is a fulltime St. Augustine resident.  Two of their children, Allison and Kelly, had parts in the movie.  Al may be contacted at (904) 386-3456.


Mike Corcoran had the role of Captain James Margolis who was stationed at Charleston Naval Station, South Carolina in the film.  The Captain hired Dalton McQuaide to do some business consulting for him.  The Captain was on a mission to become admiral and he enlisted the help of Dalton McQuaide to help him achieve that goal.  In reality, today, Mike is a retired Command Master Chief (E-9) of the United States Navy who experienced a very successful career in the military and is now the golf pro at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida.  He excelled in is role and may be contacted at (904) 403-9088.


Eric Smith is a practicing attorney by profession and has a storied career as an elected public figure, serving as a member of the Jacksonville City Council for years, a member of the Florida State Legislature, and the President of the League of Cities.  He and his lovely wife Gloria live on the north side of Jacksonville and have for many years.  Eric has a great sense of humor and played his famous tiny harmonica (a little over an inch long) in the film.  His antics lightened somber moods with a remarkable flair.  He was the character John Drake in the film who was an associate of Dalton McQuaide.  He also hosts a local current events cable TV show in Jacksonville.  Wendell Fountain and he have been friends for the past 25 years.  He may be contacted at (904) 251-3014.


Anthony Pfleger played the role of Aldous Perez in the movie and was an associate of Dalton McQuaide.  Anthony and his wife and four children reside in Palm Coast Florida where professionally he serves as the Family Service Councilor of Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home of Flagler Beach.  He is originally from upstate New York and did a stint as the afternoon drive guy at KLFM radio in Montana before coming to Florida.  He commented, “It was amazing to do this film with a group that was as passionate about the project as the Fountains.”  He expressed his hope that he would be able to work again with them on another movie.  As Aldous Perez he added a solid stabilizing effect to his character in Grazia.  He may be contacted at (386) 597-2071.


Hilary Teisan performed the role of Jenell Tutwiler, a pivotal part, in Grazia.  She made initial contact with Dalton McQuaide about Captain Margolis using his services as a consultant who did organizational interventions.  In her role as Ms. Tutwiler she was in charge of the Human Resources Office of Charleston Naval Station.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications – Radio/Television from the University of Central Florida.  She has had some production acting experience as well as making commercials.  She is attractive, alluring, and a professional in every aspect.  Some of the scenes in the movie where shot at her house in Avondale of Jacksonville.  When not involved in film work, she is a successful fragrance representative.  Fountain and others who worked in the film found her to be a delight with whom to work.  She may be contacted at (904) 505-6962.


Missy Hall played the part of Dalton McQuaide’s ex-wife, Kristin, wherein she excelled in the role. Since she blamed him for their divorce, she held a deep-seated resentment toward Dalton and, Sophia Modigiliani, Dalton’s administrative assistant.  Kristin and Dalton had two teenage boys who lived with their mother, and Dalton was not able to see them as often as he would like.  In real-life Missy resides with her husband Bobby Hall in Palm Coast, Florida.  Bobby, who also had a brief part in the film, is the Chief of St. Johns County (Florida) Fire and Rescue.  Missy may be contacted at (904) 501-5974 or (904) 209-1701.


Mike Petroff acted in the role of Harry Ivanovich (Harry-I) who was an eccentric owner of a construction business who met Dalton in the hotel bar in Charleston.  He always seemed to know things which Dalton didn’t expect.  As Harry-I often said, “Harry-I knows things, and if you ever want to know anything, just ask me,” he would say as he waved his index finger from his hairline to his eye and finally to his nose.  Dalton thought of him as a sort of Rasputin type of character who often espoused some peculiar theories which were great theater.  He tended to “hold court” among his comrades in the bar when Dalton was present.  Mike grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and migrated to Jacksonville, Florida in the 1970s where he met his wife to be Tricia, and they have been together ever since.  Tricia even played a part as an extra in the film.  They even became co-producers of the film and live in old Ortega in Jacksonville.  Mike (Harry-I) can be contacted at (904) 708-8402.


Angela Ninan in the film was the administrative assistant, Terri Zeite, for McQuaide and Associates.  She served as a support person for Dalton McQuaide, John Drake, and Aldous Perez.  Angela in real-life takes occasional modeling jobs and serves on the wait-staff of Harpoon Louie’s (a neighborhood pub & restaurant) of the Riverside-Avondale part of town in Jacksonville. She and Wendell Fountain have known each other for more than ten years.  She is a beautiful young woman who was very natural in her role.  Angela may be contacted at (904) 434-7401.


Bios of Secondary Supporting Cast


Steve Canfield played Raith Tutwiler who was the husband of Jenell Tutwiler in the movie.  He approached Dalton one night in the Charleston bar which Dalton frequented about the interviews he was conducting at the Charleston Naval Base.  At the time Dalton didn’t know who he was and was also somewhat disturbed by his involvement in his work as a consultant.  When not playing a part in a movie, Steve Canfield is the Chief of Finance and Support Services at St. Johns County (Florida) Fire and Rescue.  Steve is originally from upstate New York but has lived in Palm Coast, Florida for the past 25 years with his wife Connie.  Steve extended himself far beyond what anyone expected for the filming of Grazia in so many, many ways outside of his role as Raith Tutwiler.  He can be contacted at (386) 931-0209.


 James (Jim) Hughes was, Marl Jacobson, a disgruntled employee of the Naval Station Charleston in the film, because he blamed Captain Margolis and Jenell Tutwiler for his demotion.  He made it clear to Dalton when he was being interviewed he did not care one way or another about what Captain Margolis knew about his comments.  In the real-world, Jim is a retired DOD employee who worked with Wendell Fountain back in the mid-1970s as technical manual writers.  Jim and his wife Barbara have been friends, though not seeing each other very often, with Wendell for the past 35 years.  Jim and Barbara are residents of Mandarin in Jacksonville, Florida.  Jim can be contacted at (904) 982-6884.


James (Jim) Harsey played the part of Allen Harghet in the movie.  He was a character totally unlike who he is in real-life.  In the film he was a menacing evil man who, along with his brother Wayne, attempted to kill Dalton McQuaide.  His movie brother was actually Ronnie Fountain, the youngest brother of the lead actor Wendell Fountain who played Dalton McQuaide.  Jim is a single father of four wonderful children.  A number of years ago his wife was tragically killed in an automobile accident which left Jim with a tremendous responsibility.  Because of his love for his children, he took up what is now his favorite hobby—being a chef at home.  He wanted his children to have different and wonderful meals.  This was the first time he had ever acted in a film, and he said, “I learned a lot, had a great time, and made a lot of new friends.”  He is a carpenter by trade and has been a resident of Middleburg, Florida his entire life.  He may be contacted at (904) 291-8538.


Ronnie Fountain played the part of Wayne Allen, brother of Allen Harghet, in the film.  He was a shotgun carrying bad guy who tried to help his brother Allen kill Dalton McQuaide.  During part of the fight scene, he forced Dalton into a truck and later was knocked to the ground as Dalton attempted his escape.   In the real-world Ronnie is a plumber by trade and resides in Green Cove Springs, Florida with his devoted wife Judy.  He may be contacted at (904) 607-1107.


David Stevens, Jr. was Jessie Banes in the film.  He owned the garage in Darious, South Carolina where Dalton’s car broke down and was repaired.  In real-life David is the son-in-law of Wendell Fountain who played the lead character in the movie.  David actually is a mechanic, but his specialty is semi trucks.  He is only one of a handful of people in Florida who has the ability to work on these huge pieces of machinery.  Yet, he can fix or repair any type of vehicle.  David and his son, David II, completely restored an older car recently so that David II would have his own car while in high school.  According to Wendell Fountain, David is a very special son-in-law, father, and husband.  David, his son David Stevens II, and his wife Regena live in the Argyle Forest area of Jacksonville, Florida.  He may be contacted at (904) 338-2592.


Dr. George Woodward played the part of Dr. Simon Gilcrist an oncologist of Mayo Clinic.  After exhausting all other traditional medical protocol, Dr. Gilcrist turned to an experimental drug as a last resort for the treatment of Sophia’s illness.  Dr. Woodward’s wife Gretchen is a nurse in the real-world and played as his assisting nurse in the care for Sophia.  Dr. Woodward earned his medical degree from the West Virginia Medical School of Osteopathic Medicine in 1983.  From 1984 to 1992 he was Flight Surgeon for the United States Air Force.  From 1992 to the present he is an Emergency Physician with Emergency Resources Group.  He and Gretchen’s two boys, Alex and Patrick, were extras in the film.  Dr. Woodward had the following to say about the experience, “Something that started as a simple favor to a friend (and giving my family a chance at being in a bona fide movie), became personal and important as I began to appreciate the passion and pure intent of Wendell and Grace in producing this film.  Thank you for an opportunity NOT missed!”  He may be contacted at (904) 379-8208.


Dr. Melchor (Mel) Carbonell played the role of Dr. Ben Mendeola who was Dalton McQuaide’s physician in St. Augustine.  Dalton visited him for an examination before he left for his trip to Italy.  Dr. Carbonell is really a practicing family physician.  His clinic is located on 103rd Street on the west side of Jacksonville, Florida.  He and Wendell Fountain have been friends since the late 1990s.  They met when Dr. Carbonell became a student of Central Michigan University’s Master of Science in Administration Program.  He decided that he wanted to know more about administration, so he took courses from Dr. Fountain who taught graduate courses and was an academic advisor for the university.  Dr. Carbonell attended the wedding of Drs. Wendell and Grace Mandicott Fountain, where he did magic tricks at the reception.  His hobby for years has been the practice of illusion—in addition to his professional practice of medicine.  He may be contacted at (904) 208-1889.


Dr. Grace Marie Mandicott Fountain is a third-generation Italian-American who played the role of Dr. Angie DiMaggio of Lucca, Italy.  She and her team in Italy originally treated Sophia for her illness.  In the real-world, she is the wife of Wendell Fountain who played Dalton McQuaide in the film.  Grace Fountain was also an Executive Producer of the movie and sang a song in the movie titled Love Song.  Singing is her passion and hobby.  She was born in Reading, PA, but grew up in upstate New York.  Even as a young girl she loved movies.  She even worked the box office of theaters in Binghamton during her high school years.  She has performed in plays in the past, but this is her first feature film role.  Initially, she pursued a career in nursing, which lead to her becoming a nurse practitioner and later a certified physician’s assistant, having full hospital privileges.  She holds a PhD in health services management from Walden University.  She and Wendell Fountain met in Jacksonville, Florida when they were graduate professors for Central Michigan University.  They were married in June of 2005 in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida and currently reside in Laughlin, Nevada.  She may be contacted at (702) 535-4985.


Ellin Iselin played the part of a “puttana” in the film.  Her male companion in Italy roughed her up in the hotel bar.  Dalton was having a drink when the problem began, and he intervened in the fracas.  Ellin has been in the communications industry for more than two decades.  She began her professional broadcast career in 1988.  She worked in radio and cable TV in the capacity of a news anchor/reporter in Ithaca, New York.  Her career took her to Munich Germany; Tulsa Oklahoma; and now to Jacksonville, Florida.  She is currently an adjunct instructor of humanities at Florida State College at Jacksonville and is pursuing her doctorate.  She enjoys acting whenever possible and was pleased to be a part of the movie Grazia.  Regarding the cast, crew, and those associated with the project she said, “They are among the sweetest, nicest, and most caring people you can meet . . . .  Wendell’s message is clear—the basis of true love is the soul not the body.”  Ellin may be contacted at (904) 221-5215.                 


Besanya Santiago played the role of Betsy Henderschott as an employee of Captain Margolis at the Charleston Naval Station.  During her interview with Dalton McQuaide, she disclosed information about the Captain and HRO which surprised Dalton.  She appeared to have an attitude and was quite animated.  In her everyday life she studies music at Florida State College at Jacksonville.  For the past year she has been acting, singing, and dancing.  According to Besanya . . . “what I loved most about the movie was the story.  I’ve loved Italian culture since I was five [years old] and to be able to work in a film that’s surrounded by my favorite culture was the best feeling in the world.”  She may be contacted at (904) 236-2708.


Jennifer Johnson Dournaux has been a classic ballet dancer since the age of three.  Her passion for dancing has taken her to such cultural centers as Boulder, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, and Paris, France where she studied under the influence of many different teachers who influenced her greatly.  In the movie Grazia she and another very young ballet dancer, Grace McCullough, age nine, performed a dance scene in La Piazza of the European Village to the delight of Dalton, Sophia, and other attendees.  Jennifer teaches at her dance studio.  She may be contacted at (321) 698-0180.


Jay Soderland played the role of a customer in Mango Mango’s where Dalton was having dinner at the bar.  He told Dalton that it was his first time there and asked for recommendations, and Dalton and he discussed the menu.  Jay’s real-life experiences include working for Delta Airlines in Fort Lauderdale for 16 years.  He ended up in St. Augustine in 2006 and feels as though he lives in paradise!  Years ago Jay appeared as an extra in the movie Ace Ventura and enjoyed the experience, so he joined the Grazia cast in a brief speaking role.  He may be contacted at (904) 347-6788.


Carole Prior was Sophia’s Italian mother, Simona Modigliani, in the film.  She only spoke broken English and hoped Dalton would be able to help her ill daughter.  She agreed to come to the United States with her daughter, granddaughter, and Dalton for treatment at the Mayo Clinic.  In real-life she has spent more than 30 years pursuing Theatre Arts, having directed over 125 major productions.  Carole is the Director, Theatre Arts of Greenwood School in Jacksonville, Florida.  She taught Theatre Arts (Drama/Acting/Stagecraft/Technical Theatre) at St. Augustine High School, Bartram Trail High School (2,200 student body average) for 25 years.   She teaches Theatre/Literature/Speech at the Greenwood School of Jacksonville at the present.  Her husband, Tom Prior, also had a part in the movie.  She and Tom may be contacted at (904) 824-1005).


Samuel (Sam) Stromberg played the part of Dr. Sammy Renaldi in the movie.  When Dalton was brought to the emergency clinic in Darious, South Carolina after he was severely beaten, Dr. Renaldi recognized him from junior high school.  They both were surprised and amazed.  In reality Sam Stromberg is a practicing real estate and commercial property attorney in the state of Florida with offices in Jacksonville & West Palm Beach.  As an aside, his father is a practicing physician.  He may be contacted at (561) 723-9628.


Lu Stuart played the part of Carolyn Atwater in the film, and employee on the Captain’s staff.  She was one of Dalton’s interviewees who spoke bluntly about her assessment of the problems going on in the command.  This is her first part in a motion picture.  In her real-life experience she has held an administrative position for the past 23 years in one of the best private Christian schools in Jacksonville.  Lu has been friends with Wendell and Grace for many years.  “Their passion in this project seemed to inspire all involved to do their very best to make this dream a reality,” she said.  She may be contacted at (904) 381-1338).


Mallory Rodriquez played, Melissa Quarters, a young very attractive and relatively new employee in the Captain’s command.  She was one of Dalton’s interviewees who he found to be quite frank and candid in her assessment of the interpersonal problems within the organization.  In real-life, with the exception of babysitting, this movie was her first job.  Mallory said, “Being a part of the Grazia production has been an amazing experience.  It was great working with the other cast members and the director, because they were all very passionate about the film, and I got the chance to learn about all the hard work that is poured into a movie. . . . Grazia is truly unforgettable.”  Mallory is a student at Nease High School of St. Augustine in the International Baccalaureate Program.  She may be contacted at (904) 940-0598.


Katie Watson played the part of the receptionist at the Human Resources Office of the Naval Station Charleston.  She took Dalton McQuaide back to meet his contact Ms. Jenell Tutwiler.  In the real-world Katie is a special education teacher in Green Cove Springs, Florida.  In 2008 she was awarded her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Exceptional Student Education from Florida State University.  Katie said, “St. Augustine has always held a special place in my heart as I have many fond memories of the city from growing up [nearby].  When my Uncle Jim told me about Grazia, I jumped at the opportunity to take part in such a great project.”  Katie lives in Orange Park and may be contacted at (904) 955-3482.


James Edward Holmes, though he never appeared on camera, was present throughout the movie, because his musical genius brought to life so many of the scenes.  He was responsible for most of the music in the film.  If the songs and music was not his, he brought friends, musicians, vocalists, and other highly talented artists into the project.  There was a time when James was a spectacular guitarist, mandolin player, fiddle player, banjo player, singer, and performer, but in 1993 he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, but as the years took its toll on his physical well-being, he has been re-diagnosed as having Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS), which leads to, over time, increasing degrees of spasticity.  Unfortunately, like ALS, there is no known cure for PLS.  Only about one person in 10 million is afflicted by this very debilitating neurological disorder.  Prior to the onset of James’ illness, he was a teacher in middle school and administrator for 25 years in the Duval County School System of Jacksonville, Florida.  Today, James has his own recording studio in his home ( where he continues to write his music and records the works of other talented musicians.  In addition to many of James’ songs and music in Grazia, the songs of John Bell and Gary Goddard, among others, also enhance a variety of scenes.  James wrote the lyrics and music for the theme song, Until Then, for the film.  Carol Ann Mitchell of Clearwater, Florida and Richard Boyce of Jacksonville provide marvelous vocals.  Wendell Fountain, who used to promote James in the music business, has been a friend of James since 1969, and he considers James to be one of the most inspirational persons one could ever be so fortunate to meet.  James may be contacted @ (904) 613-7979 or (904) 260-9627.     


Kelly Aldrich – played the role of Nancy Raulerson, an employee of Naval Station Charleston, who was interviewed by Dalton McQuaide in Grazia.  In the real-world she is the Director of Operations for a private business family.  She currently resides during summers at the New Jersey shore and winters in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  Though she no longer lives in the St. Augustine area, Kelly has many great memories of St. Augustine and now also of making the film!  When she was just a teenager, her father and mother Al and Karen bought a beach house on Villano, which has now become their retirement home.  Kelly is obviously very bright, attractive, and talented—but also very humble.  She may be contacted through her parents at (904) 386-3456


Amy Brackett - played the part of Maria Gatto, Casa Monica Hotel Manager.  She is the PR Director for Theatre St. Augustine.  For 7 yrs she was the Technical Director & Stage Manager for the First Coast Opera, Florida Ballet & Limelight Theatre.  She earned her BOA in Theatre Arts from Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL.  She worked with the Living Theatre as Assistant Director in Florence & Milan Italy, & Theandric in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Her credits include Brigadoon, How To Succeed in Business, Romeo & Juliet, Dracula, Nutcracker Suite, Babes in Toyland & Tom Sawyer. She says, “I can’t wait for the Premier.” (904) 504-0965.


Mary Blood - acted in role of Interviewee.  She is a housewife who read the article in the record & said “ I had to contact you” because she & her husband, Jay were hit with the “bolt” 30 yrs ago, fell in love,  and, would “LOVE” to have chance to be in the film.  They also fell in love with St. Augustine and she said, “there is nowhere else I can imagine spending the rest of my life with the love of my life.” Mary may be contacted at (904) 471-9061.


Michelle Chambers – played part of Laurie Coleman, Dalton’s neighbor who discovers Dalton & Sophia in an embrace.  She is the “twin” sister of Melody McCullough, who referred us to her & she was so excited to play this small but important part that she flew in for the shoot from her home in Beaverton, Oregon.  She said, it was a pleasure to meet the Fountain’s, the experience was wonderful & I hope the movie touches all who see it.”  Michelle may be contacted at (503) 619-7341.


Dr. Dave DaCasto – played himself, owner of the Vineyard.  His Italian family has been making wine in Colosso d’Asti Italy for over 100 yrs.  He & his now deceased wife, Ricky, started the vineyard in Grandin, FL in 2003, winning many awards for their unique wines. The gift shop has arts & crafts & his employees, Margos Rodas & Marianne Holmes who played parts of hostesses in the movie.   Dave has an earned doctorate in business administration (D.B.A.).  He may be contacted at (386) 227- 0080.


Mark Ellins had role of a Casa Monica Hotel guest. He grew up as a military brat, & traveled extensively saying, “no acting experience, but very rich in life experience.”   He’s been an entrepreneur for 35 yrs, creating many companies. He & his wife traveled the country looking for where they wanted to live, deciding on St. Augustine.  He toured ½ million miles on his motorcycle.   They have a medicinal chocolate business and may be contacted at (386) 246-7366.


Dave Hendershott is an American Blackfoot Indian & played the part of Navy Chief James O’Connell. Dave is a veteran, of stage, screen, chorus & band. Some of his acting credits include: National Geographic Explorer, Hello Dolly, West Side Story, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, America’s Most Wanted, Picture This, Jesus Christ Superstar, and The Celestine Prophecies. His full time band is the Glass Camels, and as a musician he has shared the stage with such acts as; Vassar Clements, Peter Rowan, Foghat, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Dickey Betts, Gary Duncan, Big Brother & the Holding Company, The Neville Brothers, members of the Grateful Dead, Rare Earth, Allman Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section & many others.  Regarding the movie he stated, “thank you for having me be a part of your production, I had a wonderful time, and I wish for you that your project soars.”  He may be contacted at (904) 273-2193.


Kevin Hendrix – played the part of the gun wielding man at the door in Grazia, and he is from Palatka, FL and has lived in the Jacksonville area for the past 31 years.  He and his wife Debbie have a daughter, two sons, and two grandchildren.  He has been a test and balance technician in the installation of large air conditioning systems in and out of the state for 14 years.  He is a 17 year member of the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters, and HVAC techs of Local 234, and he is the current union organizer.


Michael Lucas - played the part of the drunk at the Casa Monica Hotel.   His parents were founding members of The Players By The Sea in Jacksonville Beach. He acted as a teenager.  He is a Florida State University graduate with a major in communications having had careers in food & beverage (St. Augustine & Jacksonville), sales, & Captain of American Red Cross Life Saving Corps of Jacksonville.  He is self employed in property management & investment & Vise President of Waves manufacturing, Inc.  He may be contacted at (904) 377-4831.


Gary L. McCullough - acted as Laurie Coleman’s husband.  Gary& his wife Melody McCullough have six beautiful & talented children, with Grace & Cody playing parts in movie. Grace at 9 yrs old was a dancer; Cody played part of Dalton’s son Nick.  Gary has extensive media experience as a radio network news anchor, talk radio producer, NY radio station general manager, white house media consultant. He is a world renowned speaker for political & cultural activists, & students - teaching merits & methods of using mass media to reach objectives.  He is Director of Christian Communication Network & Standard Newswire which serves needs of secular newsmakers. He is a freelance sports photographer for the St. Augustine Record.  He has taken many shots of his children, all of whom are involved in sports. As a musician, guitar player he toured with Up With People.  He may be contacted at (904) 687 9691.


Thomas A. Prior - had the role of E9, Chief Hollis.  Tom is an actor, singer, designer & drummer.  He was a member of the Million Dollar Round Table for the Insurance Industry.  He has constructed sets & props for many plays & musicals.  He was also a substitute teacher for St. Johns County, & a Sunday school teacher. He contributed creatively to many community fund raising organizations in churches in Orange Park & Avondale of Jacksonville, FL.  His wife Carole Prior played Sophia’s mother in the film, & has 30 yrs experience in Theatre Arts. See her Bio – pg 7.  Tom may be contacted at (904) 824 1005.


Sharon Stewart played the role of the desk clerk at the Casa Monica Hotel.  She is Italian, and her family roots are from Naples.  She has been acting locally for two years and says,“I have had some great experiences in this short time.”  She & her husband, Ron, have a Pest Control Company in St. Augustine.  Her grandson, Brysen Bryant, age five was an extra, and does modeling and acting. Sharon may be contacted at (904) 838-7584.


Larry Dean Johns – played the part of the Christian minister in Grazia.  He played himself, because he is a minister, missionary, and man of God.  He and Wendell fountain have been close friends since 1962, and Fountain wanted no one else to play the part other than Larry Dean Johns—a man of courage, conviction, honor, and spirituality.  In his past he has pastured churches and preached the word of God.  He has been an evangelist who traveled wherever to bring people to God.  As a missionary, he spends a great deal of his time serving the Haitian people.  Back in the 1960s Fountain and he worked together at Economy Wholesale Foods and later Simmons Mattress Company in Jacksonville, Florida before Larry became an ordained minister.

Krista & Quin Tutor –
Krista is a Memphis, TN native, where she began her modeling, dancing and acting career as a young child.  She has appeared in theatre, television, and film.  In 2010 she played in Picnic,  Helen Potts, 2009 in My Friend Zelma as Ms Bass, both at Limelight Theatre, St. Augustine.  In 2010 , What Would Einstein Say @ Eloise Pier Theatre, and at A Classic Theatre, Inc, A Woman Rebel Every Woman – San Marco Theatre.  “My experience with Grazia was nothing but professional & Wendell & Grace were so comfortable and confident & wonderful people to spend time with. We became a family in the truest sense of the word & I am honored to have worked with them & I look forward to working with them again in the very near future.” Krista  played Sophia’s Aunt Margherita  in Grazia.  Her son, Quin, is a Junior at St. Augustine High School where he is a member of the International Thespian Society and attends the Drama Academy.  He has been acting since age three, beginning his career on stage followed by 15 years performing with theatre companies in TN, MS, MD, NYC, & FL.  He narrated and played the lead role in the documentary “Protecting the Source.”  He has also appeared in television and movies and is pleased to have performed his role as Jeremy in Grazia. Krista & Quin may be contacted at (904) 325-0880 or (904) 501-8775. 


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